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Goats as pets are great to have but for a lot of people, the two reasons that people get into buying goats is as a result of milk and meat. Milk and meat are two very important daily staples for a lot of people, and at the state that the economy is in, a lot of people are looking into that. For some, it could even be for the cashmere, but this is for the exclusive few.

Goat farming with milk goats and meat goats is a lot of the same, because raising these goats is extremely similar. The main focus though will be meat goat farming, even though meat goats can also be milked. This gives more benefits to the goat owner, and so from afar it looks better to deal with meat goats as one gets the best from both worlds.

Between August and March, it is when goats get to breed. As soon as a goat turns 7 months, it is ready to breed, even though it is said that the best age is at 10 months to 12. However when it comes to being milked, this should only happen when they are a year old.

As with humans, it is better to have the baby goats be fed by their mothers as opposed to bottle feeding. Not only do they benefit more from their mother's milk, this is to ensure that they also get the colostrums. This is something you want the baby goats to get so they get that extra advantage, because it contains minerals, vitamins as well as the antibodies.

Goats can feed pasture, grain as well as hay – the best quality there is should be what every goat owner should be going for.

Part of what is important in learning the goat farming basics is the issue of fencing for your goats. This is extremely important, as your goats are only as safe as the fencing you use.

Goat farming basics comprise essentially of clean water for them, adequate fencing so that they are safe and for them to have plenty of room so that they are able to play around. Also, shelter and pasture is important.

When it comes to Goat Farming basics, the best guide to get is A beginners Guide To Raising Goats that will take you by the hand and show you everything you need to know about raising goats. Click Here to get it.

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Goat Farming Basics

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This article was published on 2011/04/20